Phosphate Detection Webinar: Drug screening assays for phosphate-generating enzymes



November 2, 2018

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  • The fourth presentation in the Innova Biosciences webinar series introduces drug screening assays with a particular focus on phosphate-generating enzymes such at ATPases/GTPases. Topics covered during the twenty minute presentation include:

    1. Methods of phosphate detection
    2. Application to assays for phosphate generating enzymes
    3. Enzyme activity calculations
    4. Malachite green assay
    5. Improved malachite assays with greater stability/linear range
    6. PiColorLock reagent -- advantages for High Throughput Screening
    7. ATPase/GTPase assays

    This video was produced by Innova Biosciences which is now fully integrated with Expedeon Ltd.

    For more information on PiColorLock™ and to see the full phosphate detection range including ATPase, GTPase assays and PiBind™ resin, please visit:

    If you are interested to learn more about the advantages of using PiColorLock™ in your assay, please feel free to download our brochure:

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