Implementation of Digital PCR in a diagnostic lab : Evaluation of minimal residual disease



September 25, 2018

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  • In the Molecular Pathology department of the Dijon University Hospital, liquid biopsy analyses were set up since March 2016. Here we present the implementation of the 3-color Crystal Digital PCR system in our laboratory for the management of melanoma and lung cancer patients under targeted therapy.

    Learning outcomes:
    - Gain a better understanding of the liquid biopsy process for metastatic melanoma and lung cancer patients
    - Understand the Naica System workflow and its advantages
    - Learn the benefits of digital PCR for the detection of circulating tumor DNA, circulating tumor cells, and circulating tumor exosomes in liquid biopsy
    - Understand the advantages of digital PCR for monitoring patients and their treatment

    Analytical TechniquesCancer ResearchGenomicsMolecular Biology

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