Agarose Tablets (Molecular Biology Grade)|Bio-Helix



October 5, 2018

Bio-Helix Agarose Tablets (DNase/RNase free) are designed to provide a cleaner, safer, no-mess environment and more convenience than powdered agarose. Each tablet contains a pre-determined amount of agarose (0.5g), eliminating the need to weigh out loose agarose powder. Simply add the appropriate number of tablets to your buffer, incubate at room temperature for five minutes, heat the solution and then prepare your gel as normal.• DNase/RNase-free, Fast and convenient• No weighing required• High clarity and low background• Greater gel-to-gel consistency• Gels as low as 0.5% are feasible• Safer and cleaner to use than conventional agarose powder ▍AGT002-0500 Agarose Tablets (Molecular Biology Grade)/110 Tablets SIZE: 0.5g x 110

Analytical TechniquesMolecular Biology

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