Time-lapse SDS-PAGE Running Video|Bio-Helix



August 31, 2018

To compare prestained and unstained protein markers' migration under two running buffer systems.

Lane 1: PM019-0500 (Bio-Helix) 5ul
Lane 2: PM008-0500 (Bio-Helix) 5ul
Lane 3: PM007-0500 (Bio-Helix) 5ul
Lane 4: PM006-0500 (Bio-Helix) 5ul
Lane 5: PM001-0500 (Bio-Helix) 5ul
Lane 6: PM019-0500 (Bio-Helix) 5ul
Lane 7: PM001-0500 (Bio-Helix) 5ul
Lane 8: PMU12-0500 (Bio-Helix) 5ul
Lane 9: thermo Mark12 5ul
Lane 10: Bio-Rad 161-0317 5ul

NuPAGE Bis-Tris 4-12% was used to run SDS-PAGE in MOPS and MES buffer. 5ul of protein ladder samples was loaded into each lane.

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Molecular Biology

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