Peakprovider 2.0 for Empower



July 18, 2018

The Peakprovider assists in evaluating unknown peaks in Empower. A tool having a huge effect. When having lots of unknown peaks in your data, difficulties might occur when defining suitable peak tables in your processing method. Without these entries intersample calculations would not be possible. Creating the best matching peak entries takes time and might cause trouble. A manual check for each chromatogram of you data set against once defined peak entries needs to be carried out again and again, retention times need to be adjusted. Often a repetitive check is required for finally getting the best matching definitions in your table. Just having a few unknowns this is not a big issue, but what when having dozens of them? A unique name is assigned, by which each component can be re-identified clearly from injection to injection. No manual adjustment of your retention times is required anymore, the process runs fully automated. The functions of the Peakprovider at a glance: integrated into Empower – easy handling automatic allocation of unknown peaks through relative or absolute retention times simple calculation of the arithmetic average for identical unknown peaks from several injections automatic calculation of statistics in report tables (e.g. the addition of area calculation or the averaging over multiple injections for all peaks of the chromatogram) NEW in Peakprovider 2.0? The algorithm to identify unknown peaks and assign unique peak names to the same components has been improved. A function that automatically detects the most suitable section width to clearly identify same components of the operated chromatograms and assign unique component names has been implemented. A naming convention for the unknown peaks can now be defined by the user. The operating user can now define whether or not the added component names should be labelled. The user can now decide whether or not flagged component names should be removed from the component table prior to a new identification step. Beside the Retention Time any customized peak field can now be defined as value, on which the identification should be based on. New branding of the Peakprovider GUI


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