neoMag® Magnetrührer mit Heizung | D-6010



June 10, 2018

The digital neoMag® magnetic stirrer with heater is ideally suited for easy as well as fast mixing and heating of lowly viscous liquids. Through its flat design, variably adjustable speed and a high heating performance of up to 340°C this magnetic stirrer is a versatile tool for laboratory routine. A built in overheating protection (360°C) as well as a residual heating display up to approx. 50°C also guarantee safe handling with these magnetic stirrers. The ceramic coated heating plate with 135 mm diameter guarantees fast heating times and is simultaneously highly resistant to chemicals. The high powered and maintenance-free motor of this magnetic stirrer reaches a maximum rotation speed of up to 1500 rpm and has a maximum stirring volume of 20 liters. The setting of the stirring speed and the temperature is done through the two rotating knobs and is easy to read on the LCD display.

Additional information about the neoMag® magnetic stirrer:
Suited for magnetic stirring rods of up to 80 mm length.
Temperature accuracy: ±1°C , with sensor: ±0.2°C


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