MMI CellCut: Clear-cut Laser Microdissection



May 8, 2018

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  • The MMI CellCut facilitates precise and contamination-free dissection of cell clusters, single cells or sub-cellular compartments from various types of tissues including fresh frozen, paraffin embedded and archived slides, cytospins, smears and even living cells. Laser Microdissection is a well-established technology to cut cells from tissue when the separate analysis of specific subsets of your sample is crucial to obtain relevant and significant data. The MMI CellCut uses a precisely focused UV-Laser for clear-cut results. To obtain a homogeneous cell population for meaningful downstream analysis, the unique MMI CapLift technology provides gentle, contamination-free and highly efficient sample collection method including full visual inspection at any step during and after isolation. The MMI CellCut workflow is fully compatible with most downstream analyses enabling highly reliable analysis and diagnosis.

    Cancer ResearchGenomicsImaging/MicroscopyImmunology

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