Open-source microsyringe autosampler, Osmar



April 8, 2018

See full details here: WHAT IS OSMAR? Osmar is the Open-Source Microsyringe AutosampleR. With osmar, you can automate microsyringe operations in the laboratory. You can also use osmar for other automation tasks as well. WHY OSMAR? 1- Osmar is the most affordable microsyringe autosampler available today. 2- Osmar can substitute any commercial autosampler when used for liquid or gas sampling. 3- Osmar is open-source and customisable, with variable footprint according to the need. 4- Osmar was evaluated by peer-review and published as an article by the prestigious publisher Elsevier. See more: WHY IS OSMAR SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN ANY OTHER AUTOSAMPLER? The main reason that makes osmar so cheap is that it is open-source. Almost all its parts are generic, and widely used in other devices like 3D printers. The few exclusive parts are all available for self production using 3D printing. DOES OSMAR REALLY WORK? Osmar achieves the expected precision expected from liquid handling with microsyringes (error of 1% in repeated injections). Osmar can work virtually forever without stopping. It has been routinely used for sampling by Matheus Carvalho at Southern Cross University. CAN I USE OSMAR TOGETHER WITH MY GC / TOC / HPLC / ANALYZER? Yes. Osmar is compatible with any analytical instrument. This is possible with the use of AutoIt, a scripting language for the Windows operating system. See more about this here: CAN I USE OSMAR AS A STAND-ALONE DEVICE? Yes. Osmar does not need to be connected to a different analytical device in order to work. This way, osmar can be used for sample preparation or any other task involving fluid transfer in a laboratory. WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW TO USE OSMAR? Osmar can be controlled using G-code by any program that deals with serial communication. A very user-friendly one is Hype!Terminal, which can be downloaded from Alternatively, you can control osmar using any programming language that can access COM ports. In order to synchronise osmar with analytical instruments, however, AutoIt needs to be used. AutoIt is a very easy scripting language. You can learn all you need about AutoIt in the context of laboratory automation here. A primer of the use of AutoIt with osmar is provided in the manual. WHO CREATED OSMAR? Matheus Carvalho, and his colleague Rachel Murray, created osmar at the School of Environment, Science and Engineering, Southern Cross University, Australia. Matheus Carvalho is the author of the book Practical Laboratory Automation Made Easy with AutoIt, in which he presents AutoIt for the scientific public. Also, Matheus Carvalho is editor of the journal HardwareX, by Elsevier, which showcases scientific devices built under the open-source framework. Matheus Carvalho believes that scientific instrumentation can be made much more affordable if scientists fully engage with the open-source philosophy. With osmar, Matheus Carvalho aims to make automation much more accessible to low-budget laboratories around the world.

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