MiniWAVE Microwave Digestion System



February 19, 2018

MiniWAVE is a top-loading, compact, microwave digestion system consisting of a touch screen controller and up-to 4 digestion modules. Each module is able to digest up to 6 samples simultaneously in 75 ml PFA Teflon® or Quartz Vessels. Using two or more modules, it is possible to run completely different sample types on each module using sample-specific operating conditions.

An IR sensor monitors the sample temperature of each vessel. A single 1000 Watt magnetron is centrally located to provide even microwave energy. With this unique design, microwave energy is evenly distributed throughout the digestion chamber to provide reproducible results, sample to sample. Ideal for environmental, agricultural, petroleum, geological, food and biological samples.

110V and 220V systems available. 2.45 GHz, 1000 Watts. Maximum controllable temperature to 200 °C.

Music by: AShamaluev

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