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Liquid vacuum filter holders YKTG Filtrovac for membrane filters



February 19, 2018

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  • Liquid vacuum filter holders are used for filtration of liquid through flat disk membrane filters with a diameter of 25, 35, 47, 50, 90 mm
    Liquid filter holder for membrane filtration is switchgear which has a collecting with the filtered medium and a vacuum pump. As a collector, it can be used a special Teflon or polymer container YKTG or standard bottle ISO with screw- thread GL45 Simax, Schott Duran or other manufacturers.
    There is a pad for filter of the corresponding diameter on the liquid filter holder distribution. Membrane filter presses with threaded flange-to-glass of filter holder, which filtered medium poured in.
    If you need pressure membrane filtration, the filter holder can come equipped with a special flange-to-glass covered by pressure cap and pumping nozzle.
    Filter holders YKTG Filtrovac are designed for resolving wide range of tasks, and can be used in a set with a collection of leachate volume from 100 ml to 20 liters with standard screw- thread GL45 and the other auxiliary devices.

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