EasyPREP COD-200



December 20, 2017

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  • analysis of up to 204 COD samples.

    EasyPREP COD-200 uses standard 16 mm AccuSPEC COD tubes which are prefilled with digestion reagents. The sample is manually added to each COD tube and placed on the stationary rack. The COD tube is then automatically mixed, then transferred to the integrated digestion block. Once digestion is completed, the COD tubes are then transferred back to the rack for cooling. They are then mixed, and then transferred to the built-in spectrophotometer to be analyzed. Results and calculations are displayed in real-time with the user-friendly software.

    EasyPREP COD-200 offers turbidity detection. In turbid samples, light scattered from solid particles may interfere with the sample’s measured absorbance. This capability allows the end user to confidently analyze samples knowing that the turbidity level is adequate for COD analysis.

    ISO 15705 and 8467 Compliant, EPA 410.4 Compliant.

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    Analytical TechniquesSpectroscopy

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