SPE-04 Plus - 40 Sample Automated SPE (中文版)



November 11, 2017

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  • http://bit.ly/promochrom-SPE-04-Plus Are you looking for a powerful automated SPE system that can handle a large number of food, water or biological samples? Look no further, the SPE-04 Plus can handle up to 40 samples in groups of 4. This makes it 4 times as efficient as single-channel SPE systems. If necessary, the SPE-04 Plus can also be connected externally to 4 samples of any volume. 2 fractions can be collected per sample in normal operation. To collect up to 10 fractions, simply enable the multi-fraction mode. The simple and intuitive touch interface fits everything on one page, there's no need to navigate through any tabs. Unique methods can be applied to each group of 4 samples. Select any combination of sample groups to perform sample preparation. This versatile system allows mixing of samples and solvents to achieve stepped gradient elution, online solvent mixing and internal standard addition. Air and nitrogen gas can be used for purging and drying purposes. An optional air flow regulator can be added if nitrogen gas needs to be delivered to the system. In the case where dirty samples need to bypass the syringe pump, the plunger has a sample loop that can store up to 1mL of sample. By extracting samples in 1mL steps, all of your dirty samples will bypass the syringe pump. GET THE BROCHURE https://www.promochrom.com/Documents/SPE04plus-brochure.pdf VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO SEE MORE PRODUCTS https://www.promochrom.com ANSWERS TO SPE AND HPLC QUESTIONS https://www.promochrom.com/FAQs.html Overview of SPE (Solid Phase Extraction) https://www.promochrom.com/SPE-information.html FOLLOW US ON LINKEDIN https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/18067457/

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