Grey scale - Image Quality Hints and Tips



November 1, 2017

TotalLab software will analyse colour images. If the software loads a colour image it is automatically converted to grayscale for analysis. However, we recommend using greyscale images as you have the potential to get more data from your analysis.

A colour image is made up of 3 different channels; Red, Green and Blue. So a 24-bit colour image has 8-bits per channel. When the image is converted to grayscale, it’s effectively changed to an 8-bit grayscale image with weighted conversion of the Red, Green and Blue channels.

So a colour image, when imported to the software, will lose information and be converted in a way that may not be accurate for the image capture device used.

Always scan directly to grayscale as the imaging device will then do the conversion from colour
in the most accurate and sensitive manner.

For more information download our image capture guide:

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