CHT™ Ceramic Hydroxyapatite: Syringe Slurry Transfer and Packing in a Process-Scale Column



June 30, 2017

For more information, This video demonstrates guidelines for packing process-scale columns with CHT media by syringe slurry transfer. Many types of columns with motorized pistons can introduce the chromatography media without a pump, by using the top adapter in a syringe-style to draw the slurry into the column via a suction. This is typically called the syringe method. These guidelines for handling and packing are recommended for all CHT users to ensure reproducible and high-quality results. Please download the CHT Application Guide at for specific details on recommended buffers and slurry calculations. This innovative mixed-mode media offers unique separation properties and unparalleled selectivity and resolution for a variety of molecules. These media can be used at any stage in a process from initial capture to final polishing. Two types of CHT are available in three particle sizes (20, 40, and 80 µm): • Type I has a higher protein binding capacity and better capacity for acidic proteins • Type II has a lower protein binding capacity but offers better resolution of nucleic acids and certain proteins; it also has a very low affinity for albumin and is particularly well-suited for the purification of many species and classes of immunoglobulins Bio-Rad's Process Chromatography group offers a full range of chromatography solutions for biomolecule purifications. Visit to see our full range of process chromatography media.

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