VIT-FIT programmable laboratory syringe pump and infusion pump



June 1, 2017

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  • LAMBDA VIT-FIT and VIT-FIT HP high-pressure and high-speed laboratory pumps are polyvalent syringe pumps / infusion pumps offering an excellent price to performance ratio. The syringe pump features highly robust mechanics, which result in high forces and very precise flow rates. The flow rate range of the syringe pump ranges from 0.4 nl/min (5 μl syringe) to 6.6 l/h (150 ml syringe). VIT-FIT laboratory syringe pump can be programmed for infusion only, withdrawal only, infusion & withdrawal and withdrawal/infusion modes. The program can be repeated in 1 to 99 cycles or endlessly. Automatic switching off of the syringe pump, when the syringe is empty or during refill.


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