Universal analysis of wettability and adhesion | DSA100



April 6, 2017

How a solid and a liquid interact in terms of wetting and adhesion strongly depends on the solid’s surface free energy (SFE). Our Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100 performs optical contact angle measurements for determining the SFE in order to characterize the wettability. As our high-end instrument in this area, the DSA100 is composed of innovative optical and mechatronical parts and capable of fully automated analyses. Its versatility makes it ready for any task in wetting analysis imaginable.

More information:
Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100 – https://www.kruss-scientific.com/products/contact-angle/dsa100/drop-shape-analyzer-dsa100/
KRÜSS GmbH, https://www.kruss-scientific.com/

Analytical Techniques

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