Major Science MV 10DSYS



March 30, 2017

Mini Vertical is an injection molded vertical elctrophoresis system providing a leak-proof environment and safe operation. Its vertical tank is designed for blotting compatibly. The dual 10x10cm plate is the most popular application and it is capable of handling up to 4 plates. In addition, packages with Mini 300V Power supply is ideally offered to individuals in the labratory at a competitive and acceptable pricing to avoid time wating for basic instruments and to accelerate experimental progress. Simple rapid and leak-proof gel casting.


• Low buffer consumption

• Single molded tank

• Up to 4 gels run at one time

• Great indications for gel making and running

• Ice cooling pack

• Easy gel casting and no gel leakage

• Competitive pricing

• Compatible with all precast gels (100x100mm or 100x80mm)


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