Major Science Maxi Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System, ME26-16-24-32



March 20, 2017

Maxi-plus is designed for rapid screening of very large numbers of cloning or PCR samples, and it has the maximum capacity of 672 samples per gel. This allows loading and analysis of exactly seven 96 well format micro titer plates. The large gel run length of 32cm also allows resolution of samples over a long distance for separation of complex sample bands such as in restriction fragment analysis. Maxi-plus is available with a full length tray of 26x32cm or with two other tray length options of 26x16cm and 26x24cm so that user’s exact requirements can be matched. In addition to options for single length gel trays, Maxi-plus is available with all three gel tray lengths to provide the maximum flexibility,versatility and value. Buffer recirculation ports are included as standard to allow enhanced resolution over extended runs, while loading guides enhance well visibility for easy sample loading.


• Low buffer consumption
• Multi-channel pipette compatibility
• Great indications for gel making and running
• No tape, clamps or springs needed
• Up to 672 samples per tray
• Three tray options available

ME26-16-24-32 is offered as a complete system for the user to cast, and run electrophoresis, including:

• 1 x Electrophoresis tank & lid
• 1 x ME26-UV16 (26x16cm UV tray)
• 1 x ME26-UV24 (26x24cm UV tray)
• 1 x ME26-UV32 (26x32cm UV tray)
• 6 x ME26-28MC-1 (28 sample combs, 1mm thick)
• 1 x ME26-LG (Loading guides (Set))
• 1 x Black & red electrophoresis cable
• 1 x Flexi caster


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