Bio-Rad qPCR Supermixes - Innovative Reagents for Superior Performance



March 10, 2017

"For more information, visit Introducing Bio-Rad's innovative real-time PCR supermixes, utilizing advanced formulations and enzyme engineering to provide optimal real-time PCR data on any instrument, under any conditions, at any time. Bio-Rad PCR supermixes are designed with advanced enzyme and buffer formulations for robust amplification with even the most challenging templates and target sequences. Key Features and Benefits • Superior gene expression results — consistent performance in all cycling conditions • Increased detection sensitivity and efficiency in compromised samples — Sso7d fusion polymerase has increased resistance to a wide variety of PCR inhibitors • Decreased run times without compromising qPCR data quality • Improved results with predeveloped qPCR assays — advanced formulation tolerates a broad range of reaction conditions, primer concentrations, and temperature ranges."

Analytical Techniques

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