Obtain High-Quality Gene Expression Data Using Multiple Reference Genes



March 10, 2017

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  • "For more info, visit http://www.bio-rad.com/yt/2/qPCR. In this webinar, Jo Vandesompele, CEO of Biogazelle, describes how to use multiple reference genes to obtain high-quality gene expression data by real-time PCR. Real-time PCR, also known as quantitative PCR (qPCR), is the current standard for accurate, sensitive, and fast gene expression measurement. Prof. Vandesompele discusses some of the issues involved in obtaining high-quality expression data in the laboratory, touching on qPCR workflow, assay validation, experimental design, data analysis, and other areas of relevance to gene expression researchers. Presenter: Prof. Jo Vandesompele Ghent University Hospital, Belgium http://www.bio-rad.com/evportal/en/US/LSR/Solutions/LUSO4W8UU&WT.mc_id=yt-gxd-ww-qpcr-20130128-R2PpCpZwiOs"

    Analytical Techniques

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