Changing a Bulb in the MWD on the NGC™ Chromatography System



March 2, 2017

"For more information, visit The NGC multiwave detector (MWD) module contains a deuterium lamp and a tungsten lamp; both are easily removed and replaced by the user, but please wait for the lamps to cool before replacing them. This video shows the steps in lamp replacement: removing the MWD module from the system, accessing the deuterium and tungsten lamps, and removing and replacing the lamps. The two different lamps are easily distinguishable by the number of pins in their connectors, with the deuterium lamp having seven pins and the tungsten lamp having five pins. Bio-Rad's NGC System is designed to rapidly automate the purification of biomolecules. The flexible, modular, and economical design makes NGC Systems the instruments of choice for method development and scale-up. NGC Systems are available in six preplumbed, factory-tested configurations with two different flow rates. Each preconfigured system can be further customized and upgraded by adding valves, detectors, or pumps to meet specific application needs. Any system can be configured for operation at either high or low flow rate by simply changing the pump head on the system pump module. With the NGC System, a single hardware platform can be modified as needed to suit changing applications and scales. We hope this video addresses your questions; if you should have any more questions about any Bio-Rad product, please contact Bio-Rad Technical Support: email or phone 1-800-4-BIORAD (1-800-424-6723)."


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