Using Image Lab™ Software for Total Protein Normalization on Western Blots



February 24, 2017

"For more info, visit Learn how to use Image Lab Software to normalize chemiluminescent band signals against the total protein load measured from a stain-free image of the same western blot with Bio-Rad's proprietary stain-free gel chemistry and the stain-free imaging capabilities of the ChemiDoc™ Touch, ChemiDoc MP, ChemiDoc XRS+, Gel Doc™ EZ, and Gel Doc XR+ Imaging Systems. Bio-Rad’s stain-free technology allows the immediate visualization of proteins across the whole gel without staining. Stain-free imaging is a sensitive, time-saving alternative to traditional Coomassie staining. Our stain-free technology also enables instant verification of protein transfer and the validation of western blotting data via total protein normalization, eliminating stripping and reprobing steps. In combination with stain-free imaging, Image Lab software yields quantitative results in contrast to relative normalization."


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