Major Science Peristaltic Pump



February 24, 2017

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  • The MS Peristaltic Pump series offers several digitally-controlled versions of the peristaltic pump for a variety of applications, which provide high accuracy of rpm performance. The MU-D series is the single pump head version, controlled by a microprocessor.

    Features for Digital Peristaltic Pump, MU-D series:

    • Digital microprocessor control for precise speed control
    • Compact size provides high protability
    • High quality Masterflex and Watson Marlow easy load pump head
    • Reversible for purging purposes
    • Flow rate range from 1.2 to 1,140ml/min for MU-D01
    • Flow rate range from 0.3 to 2,280ml/min for MU-D02
    • Flow rate range from 8 to 3,272ml/min for MU-D03
    • 2-step programmable operation mode available

    Features for Dual and Tetrad Peristaltic Pump, MFU:

    • Compact size provides high protability
    • Precise digital control for individual pump head
    • High quality Verderflex Easy Load pump head
    • Two or four pump head models available
    • Allow individual control for each pump head
    • Wide applications
    • Reversible for purging purposes usage
    • 2-step programmable operation mode available
    • Expandable pump head for wider range of applications


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