Designing a Quantitative Western Blot Experiment to Avoid Common Pitfalls



February 23, 2017

"For more info, visit This video compliments our recent article titled: ""The Design of a Quantitative Western Blot Experiment"", published in March, 2014 in the peer-reviewed journal BioMed Research International. The combined article and video provide a rigorous and concise workflow with specific instructions on how to produce and analyze quantitative data from western blot experiments. Also discussed are recently introduced technologies that improve reproducibility. The result is a powerful, step-by-step guide to obtaining quantitative and reproducible densitometric data from western blots regardless of the specific experiment. About the authors: Sean Taylor, PhD Field Application Specialist Manager, Bio-Rad Laboratories Canada Dr. Taylor has published in the field of protein folding with focused technical articles in both western blotting and RT-qPCR. He has trained thousands of scientists over the past several years to achieve best practices in experimental design and data analysis for a number of basic and advanced lab techniques. Anton Posch, PhD Sr. Scientist at Bio-Rad Laboratories Germany Dr. Posch is a renowned expert in 1- and 2-D electrophoresis, protein fractionation, and western blotting image analysis, with over 30 peer-reviewed publications in the field."

Analytical Techniques

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