Bio-Rad's Precast Gels for Protein Electrophoresis: A History of Innovation



February 22, 2017

"For more information, visit Since 1952, Bio-Rad has been setting new standards for consistency, quality, and efficiency in the electrophoresis workflow. From the first introduction of electrophoresis-grade chemicals, to out latest innovation, Mini-PROTEAN® TGX™ precast gels, Bio-Rad has been helping researchers worldwide find answers to important questions by providing thoughtfully designed products and better technology. TGX precast gels are an innovative PAGE system designed to provide Laemmli-like separation patterns using a standard Tris-glycine running buffer system. Features and Benefits: • 12 month shelf life • Electrophoresis run times in as short as 15 min • Numbered, marked well outlines on the cassette ease sample loading and identification • Inexpensive buffer system means low running costs • Bottom-open cassette design allows easy gel handling and faster blotting setup • Uses same buffers and band patterns as Laemmli systems"

Analytical Techniques

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