S3e™ Cell Sorter AutoGimbal System Nozzle Tip Swap



February 21, 2017

"For more info, visit http://www.bio-rad.com/yt/1/S3e Smart and innovative, the S3e AutoGimbal System makes nozzle tip swaps on the S3e Cell Sorter fast and easy. See how the alignment process is completely software driven, so you can start cell sorting more quickly. The S3e Cell Sorter is the first truly walk-away automated cell sorter. Novel features such as real-time monitoring make cell sorting easier and accessible to both novices and experts alike. Using one or two lasers and up to four fluorescence detectors plus forward- and side-scatter detectors, the S3 Cell Sorter is ideal for sorting cells expressing fluorescent proteins such as eGFP, DsRed, and mCherry or identified with fluorescent labeled antibodies. Features and Benefits of the S3e Cell Sorter • Hands-free nozzle tip alignment — features the fully automatic AutoGimbal™ System, driven completely by software • Simplified instrument setup — fully automated drop delay calculation, stream alignment, and droplet break-off monitoring enable precise 1–4 color sorting with minimal training • Compact design — dimensions of only 70 × 65 × 65 cm (2.3 × 2.1 × 2.1 ft) including onboard fluidics and temperature control system • 2-way cell sorting — sort two different defined populations at the same time • High speed and high purity — sort cells fast while maintaining high sensitivity and purity • Intuitive interface — user-friendly ProSort™ Software enables effortless instrument control and sort logic definition http://www.bio-rad.com/en-us/product/s3e-cell-sorter?WT.mc_id=yt-GXD-ww-s3-20141205-QXLnsBdNuaQ"

Cell Science

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