Bio-Plex® Multiplex System is Key in Novel Melanoma Therapeutics Study



February 21, 2017

"For more info, visit Learn how researchers at the Immaculate Dermopathic Institute in Rome, Italy use the Bio-Plex system to help identify early markers of melanoma in serum and blood samples from at-risk patients. In studying the molecular mechanisms of growth and inhibition factors in this most deadly form of skin cancer, scientists in the Tissue Engineering and Cutaneous Physiology Laboratory hope to develop more effective therapeutics. The Bio-Plex system allows them to perform high-throughput multiplexed investigations of protein phosphorylation states, a key to the activity of many growth factors. Compared with the classical proteomics approaches, the Bio-Plex system significantly reduces the cost, time, and expertise required to perform these experiments. The Bio-Plex system allows for improved reproducibility and sensitivity with very small sample volumes, allowing the design of experiments that are not possible with current ELISA techniques. The work in Prof. Facchiano's group will enable the development of new treatments to reduce the mortality rate of melanoma and also provide novel methods for the early diagnosis of this disease; both advances will ultimately save human lives. Presenter: Prof. Antonio Facchiano Unit Chief, Vascular Pathology Laboratory IDI-IRCSS, Rome, Italy"


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