Bio-Plex Pro™ RBM Apoptosis Immunoassays



February 21, 2017

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  • "For more info, visit In this webinar, Dr. Dominic Eisinger describes the development and validation of a multiplex biomarker panel for quantifying the commitment, onset, and induction of apoptosis by the intrinsic pathway in tumor tissue samples. Fourteen bead-based immunoassays for apoptosis-associated proteins were developed on the Myriad RBM multi-analyte profile (MAP) platform, which is based on Luminex xMAP technology. All assays were confirmed by IP-western blotting with the same antibody pairs used in the bead-based sandwich assays. The assays were manufactured as three panels: Panel 1: BAK, BAX, lamin B (intact +45 kDa), and SMAC Panel 2: BAD, BAX/BCL-2 heterodimer, BCL-xl, BIM, and Mcl-1 Panel 3: Active caspase-3, BCL-xl/BAK heterodimer, MCL-1/BAK heterodimer, pBAD, and survivin Each assay was validated for precision, linearity, and accuracy for use with tumor biopsies, cell lysates, and tissue lysates. The quantitative assays were found to be more sensitive than IP-westerns. Presenter: Dominic Eisinger, PhD Director of Strategic Development, Myriad RBM Brought to you in partnership with Myriad RBM."


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