Western Blotting Antibodies that Simply Work



February 21, 2017

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  • "For more information, visit http://www.bio-rad.com/BrowsePrecisionAbs Finding suitable antibodies for your western blotting experiments can be a challenge. Now, you no longer have to test multiple antibodies before you can find one that works. We have established a robust validation protocol and a high-throughput process for screening and finding the best-performing antibodies for western blotting. The resulting validated antibodies are offered as our PrecisionAb Antibody line. These antibodies are tested on up to 12 cell lysates from relevant cell lines expressing endogenous levels of the target proteins, so scientists can detect the target protein in their sample type without enrichment. PrecisionAb Validated Western Blotting Antibodies offer researchers • High specificity and sensitivity – selected for low nonspecific binding, correct target molecular weight, and the strongest signal on a western blot • Reproducible results – stringent QC requirements ensure consistent lot-to-lot performance • Trial size for every antibody (2 applications) - conveniently evaluate western blot performance • Confidence in your data – positive control lysate provided for each antibody; validation protocol included"


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