How to Overcome Assay Challenges Using Custom Recombinant Antibodies



February 20, 2017

"For more information, visit This webinar demonstrates how custom-made recombinant antibodies can solve challenges when designing and optimizing critical assays to support drug development, diagnostic assays and discovery studies. We show how Bio-Rad uses the HuCAL® antibody library and phage display technology( to offer a custom antibody service that overcomes the limitations of traditional animal antibody generation methods. Recombinant antibodies can be made that discriminate between the tiniest molecular differences, such as modified and unmodified versions of an antigen. Guided selection strategies are used to generate anti-idiotypic antibodies for PK, PD and ADA assays, fully human antibodies as positive controls and calibrators in diagnostic assays, and antibody sandwich pairs for rapid biomarker discovery and evaluation. This webinar illustrates our expertise in designing selection strategies for successfully generating such sophisticated specificity requirements. HuCAL® is a registered trademark of MorphoSys AG."


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