Major Science Thermostirrer, TS-8W



February 20, 2017

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  • Major Science thermostirrer series are equipped with built-in stirrers on the bottom of each well. Combined with excellent temperature control, the instrument is well-suited for a variety of applications, including synthesis of chemical compounds, denaturation, derivatization, combinatorial chemistry, sample concentration, enzyme assays, and process optimization. Further, to extend the flexibility, the remote thermostirrer module is designed with the capability to integrate with automation systems as part of the process flow. Strategically structured, it is perfect to incorporate into processes such as polymer viscometers.


    • Microprocessor control with digital performance
    • Brushless motor for individual well agitation
    • Outstanding temp. control performance up to 200°C
    • User temperature calibration
    • Customization available
    • Well-insulation around casework
    • Over temperature protection
    • LCD screen & timer (standalone model only)
    • Highest stirring speed, 3500 rpm in the market


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