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February 18, 2017

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  • Winpact serves as our major product brand under Major Science. We strive to create innovative fermentors and fermentation bioreactor for all your cell cultivation and fermentation needs. Winpact is one of the top system in the world which completes all of your fermentation system and cell cultivation needs. Whether it's a lab fermenter/bioreactor or a pilot production scale SIP fermentation system, we have it all available for you. Winpact lab fermentor/bioreactor is specially designed for R&D purposes, with the operation of manual and 15 steps programmable control, it gives you a complete control over your experiment to optimize your production process. Depending on your application and experimental needs, different optional devices could be implemented and integrated into the Winpact system. Whether it's cell cultivation or microbial fermentation, Winpact lab fermentor/bioreactor provides you the total package solution.

    *Winpact lab fermentor/bioreactor vessel is also customizable upon request.


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