MajorScience Vortex Shaking Oven-MS Hybridization Shaking Oven, MO-AVT (Vortex)



February 17, 2017

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  • The MS Oven series is the advanced and newly renovated version of MS incubators. It comes with a fashionable front door design (or panel) and touch screen interface. With excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity, users are able to perform temperature controlled mixing or reaction precisely.

    The Major Science Shaking Incubator offers versatility, capacity, a wide variety of choice as well as a high degree of temperature uniformity. Its compact sizing and the stackable design make efficient use of a small space in the laboratory. The fast interchangeability offers variety of rotisserie and accessories for all your experimental needs. We provide different shaking mechanisms such as orbital, reciprocal, and rocking. For hybridization purposes, please see MS Hybridization Shaking Oven for more information.


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