MajorScience Winpact Parallel Fermentation System, FS-05 series



February 6, 2017

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  • The FS-05 series combines the advantages of both Thermostat (FS-01) and Dry Heating (FS-02) system into one, provides you the flexibility in single vessel or dual vessel mode for independent or simultaneous experimental control. The Parallel system shares the same great features and graphical interface from our standard (Thermostat and Dry Heating) system, so it is easy and quick to use and learn.

    The Winpact Parallel System is the ultimate and true parallel system for your parallel experiment. Whether you need to run two identical experiments or different experiments at once, the duo heating system allows you to run two thermostat heating, two dry heating or one thermostat and one dry heating simultaneously. This state-of-the-art design is constructed with the upmost versatility and flexibility to work with all types and sites of Winpact vessels. The remote control software can control up to 16 vessels for true parallel operation.


    • Duo heating system, thermostat and dry heating combined in one
    • True Parallel System, 1 controller controls 2 vessels
    • Interchangeable 5 types of autoclavable glass vessel
    • Control up to 8 systems from a single interface
    • Compatible with microbial and cell culture applications
    • Intuitive user interface for short learning time
    • Ethernet communication with Winpact SCADA software, and IP addressing
    • Compatible with vessel volume from 0.5L to 20L
    • Full selection of optional devices available
    • Auto vessel angle control mechanism for solid state vessel
    • Solid state vessel performs 0°- 90° rotation, and 120° for harvest


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