Major Science BluView Transilluminator, MBE-300



February 3, 2017

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  • Major Science BluView Transilluminator uses the harmless blue LED lights to replace the aggressive UV lights, and allows you to directly view the experiment result without wearing any UV protection equipment. With its compact size and light weight, the transilluminator occupies little of your lab bench and is easy to move from lab to lab.
    Package with our Mini Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System is available to perform real time observation and early mistake detection.


    • Portable 470nm blue light
    • Slim design fits under most electrophoresis tanks
    • Perform run and view simultaneously
    • Efficient early-stage error detection
    • Ultra high light uniformity
    • Fit most of different brand mini and midi size horizontal electrophoresis system (7x7~10x10 cm)


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