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Major Science Shaking Incubators SI-200 / WS-200



February 10, 2017

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  • Major Science is introducing our newly innovated Winpact series shaking incubator. This ultimate bench-top shaking incubator provides you the stability and durability for all your fermentation and incubation needs. The system incorporate multi-safety features to put you at your ease of mind.

    Features for Winpact Shaking Incubator, SI-200 series:

    * Special designed drainage channel protects the motor and inner circuitry from accidental spills
    * Multiple early error-detection mechanisms ensure operators’ safety and completeness of experiment despite malfunction
    * Lab-proven superior temperature uniformity
    * A wide selection of racks, holders, sticky pads and accessories provides all-ranged compatibility to cell cultivation labwares
    * Automatic system shutdown in the event of system over-heating
    * Sensitivity adjustable G-sensor with warning embedded for imbalance weight detection
    * Programmable or continuous mode for personnel operation
    * Brushless DC motor provides long and quiet operation, durable and maintenance-free usage
    * Hermetic chamber design significantly reduces operation noise and enhances precise temperature control
    * 2-point temperature calibration ensures high temperature performance

    Features for Winpact Shaker, WS-200 series:
    • Various speed settings from 20-500rpm
    • Equipped with a robust brushless DC motor for economical and noiseless operation
    • Two modes of operation available: programmable or continuous
    • Versatile accessories available for advanced culturing solutions
    • Auto detection and power shutdown to platform weight imbalance or belt breakage


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