The Quick and Easy Way to Meet UN3373 Sample Packaging Regulations



January 24, 2017

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  • How Quickly Can You Pack 5 Blood Tubes in UN3373 Compliant Packaging? Transportation of blood samples must be done in accordance with UN3373 packaging regulations. This requires that the primary container is 95kPa certified leak proof and that the secondary packaging is also leak proof. When transporting multiple vials they must each be individually wrapped or separated to prevent their contact. In addition, the package must include absorbent material that would soak up the entire contents in the event that the containers are compromised. Preparing a package to meet these requirements can be time consuming, but there is a quick and easy solution. SpeciSafe® pre-moulded mailing packs, with bonded, in-built absorbent liner make packaging of sample tubes simple, very fast and can even save you money. Watch this video to see how fast UN3373 compliance is with SpeciSafe. With SpeciSafe sample containers are just placed and sealed in the specially designed rigid, blister type packs. They are available to fit a multitude of commonly used vials. There is no need to wrap each individual vial as the moulds hold multiple vials separately. The gel-based ultra-absorbent lining soaks up any leakage in seconds and creates a watertight barrier that effectively seals the SpeciSafe pack, preventing any leakage from the secondary container. So, how quickly can you pack 5 blood tubes in UN3373 compliant packaging? Tweet @alphalabs a video of yourself packing 5 blood tubes to meet UN3373 legal requirements for transportation. The fastest recorded time will win a £50 Amazon Voucher. Entries must be received by 30th April 2017 and full terms and conditions are available at .

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