Lateral Flow Assay Development Webinar



November 22, 2016

Find out more about lateral flow assay development: This free webinar brings together three speakers with over 50 years' experience in assay development, and provides a comprehensive introduction to the development of a lateral flow assay. Starting with the basic principles of antibody selection, reagents and early stage development, the webinar moves on to a discussion on the selection of materials, their properties and basic troubleshooting, and finally to the conjugation of antibodies to gold nanoparticles. Since their introduction in the 1980s, lateral flow technologies have become important tools for point-of-care and home testing. They are commonly used to detect a broad array of targets such as HcG, infectious diseases and drugs of abuse and are also commonplace in veterinary testing, environmental testing and for monitoring analytes related to the human physiological condition. Initially tests provided a positive/negative result, but the development of reader technology and improvements in the materials and reagents has enabled a progression towards semi-quantitative and quantitative assays. We will discuss important considerations in the design of your assay, selection of high quality materials, and new technologies that enhance the sensitivity, stability and reliability of lateral flow assays.

Analytical TechniquesCancer ResearchNeuroscience

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