Non Specific Binding of Antibodies in Immunoassays



November 27, 2016

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  • Find out more about non-specific binding here: How to Overcome all of your Problems with Secondary Antibodies The latest Innova Biosciences webinar focuses on how to overcome the problems of using secondary antibodies. For instance, the use of secondary antibodies: • Requires a series of incubations and wash steps that are both tedious and time consuming. It is amazing how many times people state how much they hate those wash steps! • Can often be a source of non-specific staining within experiments which make data interpretation difficult or even impossible. • Multi-colour analysis often results in cross species re-activity. Secondary antibodies are generally used either because there are no directly labeled primary antibodies or to increase sensitivity. In this seminar, we will review: • How labeling of your own antibodies overcomes the need for secondary antibodies. • How easy it really is to label an antibody using Innova's 30 seconds hands-on antibody labeling kits and design your own unique research tools. • Application data such as flow cytometry and western blotting generated using directly labeled antibodies • And question the hypothesis of secondary vs. primary labeled antibodies.

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