Mycoplasma: A Practical Guide to Prevention, Detection, and Treatment of Mycoplasma Contamination



October 27, 2016

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  • The Mycoplasma 101 webinar will arm cell culture scientists with the important understanding of the dangers of mycoplasma contamination in the lab, as well as provide helpful tips to prevent contamination from happening. Attendees will learn how to detect mycoplasma within experimental cell cultures, prevent its introduction and spreading within the lab, and how to properly handle and treat cases of mycoplasma contamination.
    This webinar will focus on the wide-spread prevalence and implications of contaminated cell cultures, common causes and mistakes leading to mycoplasma contamination, the importance of screening cells in culture, and simple methods for maintaining a mycoplasma-free lab.

    Topics include:

    •What is mycoplasma?
    •How does mycoplasma affect my cells?
    •What are the consequences of culturing cells contaminated with mycoplasma?
    •How can I prevent introducing mycoplasma into my lab?
    •How can I prevent cross-contamination within the lab?
    •Why is routine screening important?
    •What methods are available to detect mycoplasma?
    •If I detect mycoplasma in my cultures, what can I do?

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