Mini Plane Sampling Knife



August 3, 2016

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  • Easily shave off surfaces into thin sections for micro analysis Proper sample preparation tools are a requirement for any microscopy lab. This is especially true for those performing FT-IR analysis where the sample must be between 5 and 20 microns in order to provide the desired transmission. The Mini Plane is designed to section hard & soft, non embedded biological & industrial materials into thin samples for micro analysis. The Mini-Plane enables you to shave off the surface of a material such as a polymer and cut a controlled and consistent sized section of uniform thickness, optimized for measurement. Features Adjustable blade depth & cutting angle Available with choice of blades: Single Crystal Diamond (cutting width 0,7 mm) or Carbide Steel Blade (cutting width 1,5 mm) Ergonomic wooden grip Patented design

    Cell ScienceEnvironmental MonitoringEnvironmental ScienceImaging/Microscopy

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