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IncuCyte™ Chemotaxis System



July 27, 2016

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  • Chemotactic cell migration plays an important role in human development, the progression of diseases such as cancer, and the inflammatory response following infection or injury. The IncuCyte™ Chemotaxis Cell Migration System is a new approach that allows you to automatically visualize and quantify chemotaxis in a 96-well format in real time, directly inside your incubator. With the IncuCyte™ chemotaxis system, both time-lapse imaging and quantitative data are generated over hours to days, providing powerful insights into the time course of chemotactic movement, eliminating endpoint data collection. The IncuCyte™ ClearView 96-well plate allows you to visually monitor every cell in your experiment and measure label-free or fluorescently labeled cell migration without the need for fixing, staining or cell scraping steps. The IncuCyte™ chemotaxis solution is compatible with adherent and non-adherent cell types and is validated with multiple chemoattractants and extracellular matrix coatings. The IncuCyte™ chemotaxis solution is ideal for rare, expensive and primary cell populations because the assay uses 10- to 100-fold fewer cells than standard transmembrane approaches. This highly reproducible assay is also suitable for screening and profiling. The software module provides unlimited user licenses. You can control your experiment and analyze data remotely, from any PC on your network.

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