IncuCyte™ Chemotaxis Cell Migration Software



July 27, 2016

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  • The IncuCyte™ Chemotaxis Cell Migration software is an add-on module for the analysis of label-free and fluorescently labeled chemotactic cell migration images acquired using the IncuCyte ZOOM® instrument and the ClearView 96-Well Cell Migration Plate. This software module provides powerful visualization and data analysis of cell migration in real time. Simply select the IncuCyte™ ClearView chemotaxis plate, choose your scan interval and imaging channels, and walk away. You can establish analysis parameters during assay setup to obtain fully integrated real- time data analysis as your images are being acquired. This approach allows for the kinetic monitoring of cell migration, eliminating the need for pre-determined endpoint analysis. You can now easily profile the cell-specific and time-dependent effects of chemotaxis modulators in various cell types. The image review tools enable quick visual verification of data from any well at any time point. The software generates high-definition images of up to approximately 2500 by 1800 pixels, enabling detailed inspection of the morphological and phenotypic effects of treatments. The image and movie export features provide a dynamic approach to visualizing cell migration, enabling you to correlate the images with your quantified data. The IncuCyte™ chemotaxis software module provides unlimited user licenses. You can control your experiment and analyze data remotely, from any PC on your network.

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