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Real-time Monitoring of the Phagocytosis using IncuCyte™ pHrodo® Green E. coli Bioparticles®



July 27, 2016

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  • Real-time monitoring of the phagocytosis of IncuCyte™ pHrodo® Green E. coli Bioparticles® using the IncuCyte ZOOM® live-cell imaging system. Time-lapse fluorescence images, acquired using IncuCyte ZOOM®, enable the real-time visualisation of IncuCyte® pHrodo® Green E. coli Bioparticles® engulfment by the mouse macrophage cell type J774A.1. The Bioparticles® are phagocytosed and enter the acidic environment of the phagosome resulting in increased fluorescence of the pHrodo® label. IncuCyte® ZOOM integrated image analysis tools enable detection and measurement of the green fluorescent signal over the entire assay time-course (more than 24 hrs) and eliminate the impact of background fluorescence. Note the appearance of punctate fluorescence at early time-points followed by the development of more diffuse fluorescence and a lack of fluorescence in the nucleus at later time points.

    Cell ScienceDrug DiscoveryImaging/Microscopy

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