Real-Time Detection of Cytotoxicity Using the Incucyte ZOOM® Live-Cell Imaging System



July 27, 2016

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  • Time-lapse movie of HT1080 fibrosarcoma cell death following treatment with the cytotoxic compound camptothecin (150 nM). Cell death was detected in real time using the mix-and-read IncuCyte™ Cytotox Green Reagent. When added to growth medium, the IncuCyte™ Cytotox Reagent is inert, non-fluorescent and does not enter viable cells. As cells die and membrane integrity is lost, the IncuCyte™ Cytotox probe enters the cell and fluorescently labels the nuclei. Dying cells are identified and quantified over time using the IncuCyte ZOOM® system to detect the appearance of green labelled nuclei. High definition phase contrast images and movies provide an additional qualitative validation of cell death based on morphology (e.g. loss of cytoskeleton structure, loss of motility).

    Cell ScienceDrug DiscoveryImaging/Microscopy

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