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Cell proliferation in co-cultures using IncuCyte ZOOM System and live-cell labeling reagents



July 27, 2016

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  • Time-lapse movie of co-culture cell proliferation. IncuCyte™ NucLight™ live cell labeling reagents enable efficient, non-perturbing, nuclear labeling of living cells and were used to label cell nuclei and accurately count cell sub-populations in real time using the IncuCyte® ZOOM Live Cell Analysis system. NucLight™ Green labeled HT-1080 fibrosarcoma cells were grown in co-culture with NucLight™ Red labeled A549 lung carcinoma cells. Note the healthy cell morphology over the 72 hour period and the different doubling times of the two cell types which can be derived from the time vs. cell count plot (doubling times; HT-1080, 16 hours; A549, 20 hours). Automated detection of fluorescent nuclei using the IncuCyte® ZOOM Live Cell Analysis system enables real-time, live-cell counting with 96 or 384-well throughput within a standard cell culture incubator.

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