Immune Cell Activation and Clustering | Automatically Measure Time Course with the IncuCyte® System



July 27, 2016

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  • Time-lapse movies acquired using IncuCyte® ZOOM live-cell analysis system showing real-time analysis of T cell clustering within a population of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) following treatment with either anti CD-3 and IL-2 (activated) or vehicle (non-activated). Cell clustering, a measure of T cell activation, is automated monitored in real-time by counting the number of cell clusters within the image which have an area greater than a predefined area threshold. As the T cells are activated they begin to cluster and the number of counted objects increase over time. IncuCyte ZOOM integrated image analysis tools enable label-free detection of immune cell clustering and proliferation as a measure of immune cell activation. Assay concept: ● Monitor immune cell proliferation and cell-cell clustering interactions in real time, without removing your cultures from the incubator ● Automated imaging and analysis – count label-free clusters using intuitive IncuCyte™ image analysis software ● Gain phenotypic insight from images and movies Learn more at

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