LyoModelling Calculator Introduction - A New Tool to Assist in Freeze-Drying Process Design



July 12, 2016

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  • To view the full webinar, please visit: SP will be adding a convenient “LyoModelling Calculator” in the LyoTools section of the website to help users model a freeze-drying cycle. The LyoModelling Calculator (LMC) reports the time required for primary drying and the maximum product temperature based on input from the user. This new tool can provide the user with a starting point (i.e., a shelf temperature and chamber pressure) from which an optimized freeze-drying cycle can be developed. For beginners, this webinar will walk through each of the input parameters, discussing why each parameter is important and what value to enter in each box. In addition, a demonstration of how to use the LMC to develop a design space for primary drying will be provided.


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