Overview Eusoft.Lab LIMS



May 9, 2016

www.eusoft.co.uk - info@eusoft.co.uk
Eusoft.Lab LIMS is the lastest generation LIMS solution for the management of the laboratory that combines the highest functional completeness to the most innovative web-based technologies. Designed to meet the highest standards, EuSoft.Lab has native integration features that support its use as a service (SaasS) on cloud computing platforms and integration with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is specifically designed to help laboratories to reduce costs and increase mobility and collaboration without wasting time in paper management and
minimizing the risk of transcription errors. Using Eusoft.Lab you can have a single platform to manage all activities and provides real-time visibility of the performance of your analytical activities allowing you to make strategic decisions in a more informed way, giving you to significant benefits in every sector.


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