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How to Use Plum Personal Eyewash to Deliver Immediate First Aid to the Eyes

from Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

As basic first aid equipment for any work environment and a practical supplement when fixed eye wash stations are required, Personal Eye Wash products offer an inexpensive solution that can be utilized to enhance your emergency preparedness, and improve critical response time when debris or chemicals enter the eye. When acids or alkalis contact the eyes, damage begins immediately. For such injuries, use Plum Sterile pH Neutralizing Eye Wash, a sterile phosphate buffer (4.9%) that rapidly and gently neutralizes the fluid in the eye, returning the normal pH-level of 7. Time is also important in connection with injuries caused by dust, dirt, metal or wood chips. In these situations using eye wash immediately can prevent debris from sticking to the eye and causing serious injury. Plum Sterile Saline Eye Wash contains a sterile sodium chloride solution (0.9%) that corresponds to the eye's natural fluid. This rinses the eye gently and prevents further injury.

about 5 years ago

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